Showcase that this program is unique and that it is a privilege to be a part of it.  

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Introduce an element of competition by, for example, limiting the number of programs that are available on an annual basis.

Celebrate past achievements by sharing your success stories from similar past initiatives. Position involvements in the program as a unique opportunity that is only available to a selected audience. 

To learn more read Step 4. Create an engagement strategy.

In Melbourne

Participants from the first round of Melbourne’s ‘Green your Laneway’ initiative felt honoured and proud to be selected to participate.

They shared the same level of excitement as members of the Council, recognising it is a unique program that the city is willing to dedicate time and resources to.

Don't be shy in showcasing your success stories and use this to drive future promotion (e.g. plan a ‘media blitz’ after each project is complete). 

A future option is to limit the number of laneway nominations per year (or over a set period of time) to invite a sense of competition. The design of each laneway should also be unique, no two spaces are alike.  

Where possible leverage networks to help showcase past successes. Empower advocates of the program to help spread the word for you. Examples of advocates for future Melbourne programs are commercial/residential real estate agents, strata managers and businesses.   

Measure success to demonstrate the positive impact the project has generated on the local community and sustainability goals for the city. These will need to be set in place prior to the project being implemented for a clear ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture. 

“Each laneway is unique. And it should stay this way.”

Camila, Marketing Manager at a laneway business 

“Make is something that people want to celebrate!”

Paul, Commercial Real Estate Agent