Instead of aiming wide and targeting a large audience with very different needs and expectations, be selective in who you engage. Identify who your primary group is.

CIT 08 principle 2 targeted v02 r02

Initiate the conversation with those who have the most to gain from the program, feel the most passionate about the outcomes of the program, have a degree of ‘decision making power’ (e.g. specific to individual buildings) or have the most relationships in the laneway (e.g. the loudest voice everyone listens to). 

Bring these people on board first and equip them to advocate the program on your behalf.

To learn more read Step 2. Create a value proposition.

In Melbourne

There’s an overwhelming pride for Melbourne’s laneways. Citizens recognise their importance in contributing to the city’s identity and worldwide brand.  

Across the different segments we spoke to, everyone agreed that laneways play a key role in establishing local communities in the city, as well as, contributing a ‘charm’ and a piece of history to everyday life. Laneways are considered the ‘lifeblood of the city’.

“We are proud of being the most liveable city, so Council should be doing all they can to keep it that way.” 

Tony, apartment owner & resident

“We are very willing to help.” 

Camila, Marketing Manager at a laneway business